Before public campaigning for the decriminalization of HIV transmission and exposure, a need was identified to first strengthen the dialogue on this issue among networks of people living with HIV and AIDS service organizations in Germany. In 2011, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe embarked on a project to conduct a series of interviews to highlight the criminalization of HIV transmission and exposure from perspectives of prevention, treatment, legal practice and public health.

These interviews were captured through short videos, and share the opinions of a number of professionals, including an attorney, a physician, and a psychotherapist; as well as people who have been personally affected by the criminalization of HIV transmission in Germany. These personal stories include a woman living with HIV who prosecuted her former partner, and a man who was accused of ‘intentionally attempted grievous bodily harm’. The aim of these videos is to help other activists and campaigners in Germany to learn more about this issue.

The full stories will appear as 'real stories' on this website early 2012.


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